Wild Beauties

We were shocked to learn that these images are of real animals! Katerina Plotnikova, katerina-plotnikova-photography-animal-trainera Russian photographer from Moscow has managed to capture these small to very large animals in beautiful harmony with their accompanying human models. All set in the stunning Russian wilderness with its autumn hues and mysterious shadows.

Katerina was able to get this amazing collection of images together by making use of animal trainers who assisted her with each animal. We think the models did a fantastic job, posing so naturally next to and in many cases on top of some really dangerous animals.

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Underwater wildlife photography

So you’ve seen photos of animals and photos of marine life, but nothing catches the imagination like seeing animals that you usually don’t see beneath the water caught on camera in a creative way. Wildlife photographers often place themselves in dangerous positions to get the perfect shot. Check out the image of the elephant above the photographer, kicking away with 1000′s pounds of mass above the our camera mans head.

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