Serene Nightmare

We’re getting close to Halloween and so no better time to celebrate some of our darker inspired artists such as Diana Dihaze a self-taught artist from Odessa, Ukraine.

Diana uses her camera and Photoshop skills to create an eerie yet inspiring collection of surreal photo manipulations. Many of her artworks are inspired by her personal nightmares and phobias.


21 year old Surreal Photographer

Today we enjoy the works of 21-year-old, Chicago surreal photographer – Audrey Simper. Here is a young photographer who has already made waves in the Photography, fine arts field and we’re excited to see how her career grows and blossoms even more then it already has.

Surreal Photographer – Kindra Nikole

Seattle-based photographer Kindra Nikole is inspired by fairy tales and fantasy to yield images of surreal scenes that are mystical and dark. Despite the gloomy aesthetic in many of her images, Nikole does not shy away from using well placed, vibrant colors that breathe fresh, bright hues into the mystifying shadows.