androgynous ~ partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex

Some may argue that the rise in popularity of androgynous models is due in part to the very unisex fashion being produced and metrosexual, free lifestyles that have become more popular and acceptable in the last 10 years. The fashion industry as we see it in the media always aims to project the future on us and perhaps the future is far less black and white then what we think.

In today’s post we feature some of the top androgynous models in the fashion scene today:

Born in the Ukraine but living most of his life in Israel its hard to believe that Fashion Model Stav Strashko is in fact a man. Exceptionally feminine in appearance Stav says, “Most people in fashion assume I’m a girl.”, “I really don’t care. Many of my friends address me as ‘she.’ Sometimes, I address myself as a ‘she’ too. I swear, I really don’t care—you can call me whatever you’re comfortable with.” Interestingly, Stav still identifies as a man and has not undergone any sexual reassignment surgery like many other androgynous models.



Andrej Pejic was born a boy in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a few months before the Bosnian War and had to flee to a refugee camp near Belgrade for safety. After the NATO-led bombing began in 1999, Andrej and her family emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. From an early age Andrej identified as a girl and has recently completed her gender-confirmation surgery. Now a successful model, she has modelled for designers such Marc Jacobs and Gaultier where she worked in the male and female fashion shows.


But attractive, feminine men are not the only androgynous models making it big in the fashion world. Harmony Boucher, a Londoner, female model but with just enough masculine features to make you pause – is a top model and singer with a band called ‘Vuvuvultures’. The advantage of being a androgynous model is that you can model as a man or a woman – and with modelling jobs difficult enough to come by this can only be seen as a positive.


When Swedish model Erika Linder was asked about modelling in both woman’s and men’s fashion ranges she responded ‘I love that since it brings out so much more of who I am. Also, I think I would be so bored doing only female modelling stuff. I’d like to keep a balance.’ When asked if being mistaken for a boy bothered her Erika responded ‘I wouldn’t call it a problem but yet, basically through my whole life so far, people have mistaken me for being a boy. But its funny because I get to go to the men’s bathroom, which I see as a benefit when the girls bathroom always has a line.’

It seems the trend set by the fashion industry a few years ago is here to stay and with equality finally becoming accessible to various gender and sexual orientations around the world – it only makes sense that we should start to see more beautiful models and people in everyday life who cross the gender rules we’ve become accustomed to.

We’ve collected images of some of the most stunning androgynous models out there. See if you can figure out their gender?



Upside down Models – Fortune Cookie by Martin Tremblay

Montreal-based photographer Martin Tremblay, also known as ‘Pinch’ created this beautiful series of images featuring models upside down, set in an Asian location. Martin manages to successfully capture each models as graceful while maintaining these strange position. The pastel tones with vibrant focus colours are truly effective and re-enforce the mystical, yet elegant feeling in this collection. The series was developed as an editorial for Schön! Magazine in London.