Dancers in Havana

With the exciting developments happening in Cuba the Art World and general sense of expression is pulsating through the city of Havana. Today we feature photographer Omar Robles work who captured these stunning ballet dancers on the streets of Havana.


Dancer Delicacy – Bert Nilsson

Today we admire the photographic works of Bertil Nilsson. Bert was born in Sweden but resides in London now where he works. He describes himself as being a visual artist working primarily with photography, but he has also worked on  short films. Bert collaborates closely with dancers and circus artists and draws inspiration from the body, nature, architecture and digital technology.

His unique eye and ability to capture beauty in the human form, in motion is quite stunning and so we’ve gathered a few of his works for you to admire below.

Stein’s Dancers

We enjoy the works of Ukranian photographer Vadim Stein who now lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. Vadim is one of the most celebrated Nude Photographers in the world with many of his works being exhibited around the world and being sold for small fortunes.

Vadim describes his work as: “Solving the aesthetic problem, I also reveal many ethical questions. For me, such things as love and death are revealed through the aesthetic category, beauty – the predecessor of ethics.”