Magical Burning Man Festival Images

There is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. A place where imagination and creative freedom reign supreme. Where you can let your inhibitions go and express yourself in however manner tickles your fancy.

Artists abound at the Burning Man, but one that caught our eye is the oddly colour blind Parisian photographer  Victor Habchy. Using his Sony Alpha camera he has managed to capture the very magical essence of Burning Man. Enjoy…..!


Ghostly Sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray

Kevin Francis Gray, a London based sculptor, combines the conventions of Neoclassical sculpture with the sartorial sense of urban youth to depict disaffected men and women in various dejected poses.

Drawn heavily from both popular culture and the gritty reality of an uncompromised urban life, Gray’s subjects are people from the neighborhood surrounding his studio in London who he approached in chance meetings on the street. Gray frequently works with his subjects on multiple pieces, forming a lasting relationship between the artist and sitter.

Sculpting in fiberglass, bronze, and marble, Gray’s signature style involves obscuring the faces of his figures with floor-length frontal veils or glittering strings of beads, providing stark contrast to the figures’ otherwise contemporary garb and drawing attention to the figures’ physical forms.  The luster of the works‘ surface captivates the eye as the gaze becomes transfixed on the subtle contours of each shape.

Zombie Boy

Rick Genest has challenged our theories of beauty with his full body tattoos. Since he was 19 years old he committed himself to tattooing his entire body and trusted friend and tattoo artist Frank Lewis with the job. $20 000.00 later and he’s body art has become his trademark. He has become a celebrity and appeared with Lady GaGa, become a model for L’Oreal and been photographed in various magazine photoshoots.