3D Doodles

Check out these interesting illustrations by Victor Nunes, adding everyday objects for special effect.

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Painted Reality

Alexa Meade is a talented artist from Los Angeles who has baffled the world with her painted figures which appear to be 2 Dimensional Paintings. She gave up a life in polotics and instead chose to explore her creative side. Her rise in fame has seen her work exhibited in New York, Londin, Switzerland and Germany and some of her images are also being used to illustrate manuscripts by philosophers Slavoj Žižek and Alain Badiou.

Alexa describes her process of painting as follows, “Instead of painting a portrait on canvas, I will paint my portrait directly on top of the subject being referenced. I cover the skin and clothes of my models in a mask of nontoxic acrylic paint that mimics the colors and contours of the underlying surfaces, and then photograph them. This painting technique I innovated optically compresses 3D space into a 2D plane.”

I particularly appreciated her philosophy behind her unique style of work, “I paint directly on people because I am interested in exploring the tensions between being and permanence. I like the idea of creating something that will be destroyed immediately upon completion. Once the performance is resolved, the model rips off the acrylic mask and all that endures of my ephemeral painting is a photographic print documenting the time-based event.”

Alexa prefers to paint on perfect strangers as she enjoys discovering things about them as her paintbrush outlines their features and gives colour and detail to the personality she imagines for them.

Check out this TED Talks video of Alexa:


Super realistic Paintings by Lee Price

Lee Price is a figurative painter from New York. She has been painting women and food for over twenty years. In a recent interview Lee commented on her choices and specific style in painting:

“These paintings are very personal. They’re self-portraits, so I use myself as the model. In regard to food choices, I’m always going for something that is considered indulgent, forbidden, or comforting. The paintings are about compulsion, and excess can be an aspect of compulsive behavior. No one gets excessive with carrots.

The settings are mainly bathtubs and beds. They are private spaces, spaces of solitude, and unusual places to find someone eating. The private space emphasizes the secrecy of compulsive behavior and the unusual settings emphasize its absurdity. The solitude and peace of the setting is a good juxtaposition to the frenetic, out-of-control feel of the woman’s actions.

My use of the bird’s eye view gets interpreted as a voyeurism thing or a God’s eye view a lot—it’s neither. It’s the subject looking down on herself—observing herself in the act of the compulsive behavior, being completely aware of what she is doing but unable to stop. I’ve spoken to friends who have had this same experience in relation to drug addiction. It’s a bit like an out-of-body experience.

To be honest, the toenail polish started out as an aesthetic thing. I give a lot of thought to the color, how a particular color or image will react in a particular color scheme or setting. But really, the toenail polish has become something for my own amusement. It gets commented on frequently, which makes me realize that I should be taking it a bit more seriously. I’m always thinking about the difference between “nude” and “naked.” Place shoes or even a necklace on a nude model, and now the model is considered naked or sexualized. I wonder if the nail polish has the same effect.”

To view more of Lee’s latest works of art visit: http://www.leepricestudio.com/


City Cube Street Art

Indian born artist Aakash Nihalani has spent most of his life in the States exploring his unique artistic style. He stumbled across his method one day when he was using a painter’s roll to attach some screen prints to the wall for a student exhibition. There was a pedestal in the space that was casting a cubic shadow on the floor that matched the shapes I was using in his prints, so he outlined the shadow with the tape. and it all made sense in that moment.

When asked what captivates Aakash  about geometric shapes his response is: “Coming from a suburban neighbourhood, I was captivated by the urban architecture of the city when I moved here: big boxes, filled with smaller boxes, an endless network of cubes.”

German Baroque photographer – Helen Sobiralski

Helen Sobiralski, a talented photographer based in Berlin, Germany has won several awards for her photographic series titled ‘Cockaignesque‘. The collection is inspired by the baroque art movement which characteristics included richness in color, drama and an intense play of light and dark shadows. Her photographs look very much like paintings one would view at the Louvre and portray a dark theme.

Zombie Boy

Rick Genest has challenged our theories of beauty with his full body tattoos. Since he was 19 years old he committed himself to tattooing his entire body and trusted friend and tattoo artist Frank Lewis with the job. $20 000.00 later and he’s body art has become his trademark. He has become a celebrity and appeared with Lady GaGa, become a model for L’Oreal and been photographed in various magazine photoshoots.