Forte Feminine – Julia Comita, New York Photographer

Julia Comita is a talented New York photographer with a unique style. In this series of images for her collections ‘Metamorphosis’ and ‘Twisted Lamb’, She combines dance and acrobatic poses for her strong, dark, mystical figurines in abandoned warehouse type locations.

In an interview when asked about her locations she commented:

 I relate strongly to the power of space whether artificial, man-made or natural.  To me, atmosphere is equally as important for creating a narrative and expressing an emotion as the character herself.  I do not think one is more important than the other, but instead believe that there is a connection to be expressed.”

when questioned about the very strong look her models maintain she elaborated:

 I have had the pleasure of working with many powerful, confident women who tend to imbue the photographs with their strength and character.  Although the models play a large role in this respect, there is a powerful position behind the lens as well.  As a female fashion photographer, I also feel empowered to revise the dominant lens of male fashion photography into a more participatory and engaging female perspective.”


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