30 Stylish Halloween Décor Ideas

So you’ve done the scary, creep Halloween theme and you’re looking to class things up this year? We’ve got you covered – our design learners have submitted their top ‘stylish Halloween’ ideas and we’ve chosen 30 of the best to inspire you.

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Fashion Works of Art

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing one of SDC’s talented online learners – Gulnoza Usmanova. Gulnoza is 28 years old and originally from Uzbekistan but today she creates her fashion master-pieces from Vancouver Canada here she lives with her husband and 2 kids.
What got you interested in Fashion Design?
I have been interested in Fashion since I was a little girl and when I was in grade 5 I already knew that I would be a Fashion Designer. Also, I used to have a lot of paper dolls  with different styles of clothing made by me.
Who are your favourite designers or fashion brands and why?
I would say I respect all Fashion designers, because they all have their own vision and way in Fashion Design. But i’m interested more  in Haute Couture. I like when it has a lot of details and embellishments. I love Chanel! Karl Lagerfeld is one my favourite designers, especially when he works with Lasage. Also, I like Ellie Saab, John Galliano, Giambattista Valli and Valentino.
Where do you find your inspiration for your Fashion designs?
I can find my inspiration everywhere: – flowers, architecture… But for me the best inspiration is mood! I can easily create when I am in a really good mood. Watching fashion shows also helps me to find ideas.
Your fashion illustrations are really good – were you always good at drawing? What do you prefer to work with when designing your fashion illustrations?
When I was a kid , I always asked my mom to draw me fashion illustrations and I always wanted to draw like her. When I was in a high school I started to learn to draw with a tutor. Then I went to college of Art and Design. I remember that I always used to helped my group mates to create and draw fashion illustrations. My works was always one of the good ones.
I prefer work with Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils. Now I am learning to draw digitally.
How are you enjoying the Style Design College Fashion program?
This is my first time studying online, so I’m really enjoying it. Because I have 2 kids and job I can manage my time and do my assignments when I have time. It’s really convenient!
What are your ambitions in the Fashion Industry?
My ambitious is to be like a Karl Lagerfeld! I want to be a Haute Couture designer and to work with Lasage.
Images remain property of the artist. Follow Gulnoza on instagram: @Yassaid_Usman
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Vertical Panoramas by Richard Silver

Richard Silver has produced a fascinating series of photographs that capture the insides of New York churches. Each image is composed of 6-10 shots forming a vertical panorama. One gets a true sense of the scope and splendour of these churches by admiring all their beauty in one, single view.

Silver says, “Finding the perfect location in the center aisle then shooting vertically from the pew to the back of the church gives the perspective that only architecture of this style can portray.”

Calvary-Episcopal-Church-SDC Church-of-St_-Francis-Xavier_SDC Church-of-St-Vincent-SDC church-vertical-panoramic SDC_vertical_Panoramic_churches St-Monicas-Church1_SDC Vertical-pano-Church-SDC

Kirsty’s Wonderland

Talented and young fine art photographer Kirsty Mitchell has produced an award-winning series of conceptual portraits titled ‘Wonderland’. Taking inspiration from the Alice in Wonderland story Mitchell decided to explore childhood themes shared by her mother, an English teacher, who died from cancer several years earlier. Beautiful Models dressed in extravagant costumes were photographed against mystical, natural settings like deeply wooded forests to evoke the elements of mystery and fantasy enjoyed by Mitchell’s mother.

Kirsty-Mitchell-making-of-wonderland Kirsty-Wonderland-Gaia-The-Birth-Of-An-End wonderland-behind-the-scenes

The success of her first few photos drove the artwork into uncharted territory as the photoshoots grew into increasingly ornate endeavors where costumes and props for each image were sewn, painted, and assembled by hand, requiring up to five months of prep for a single shot. Mitchell recounts the series’ evolution in an essay on her website.

The full collection of 74 storybook images will soon be available  on Kickstarter.

Body Part Art


Kim Joon a talented Graphic artist from Korea has produced a range of remarkable body art works which are not actually body painted.

First he uses 3-D animation software to create the body or bodies he wants. After building the 3 dimensional body he grafts on the type of skin he desires such as animal skin, artificial skin or human skin. Kim has found inspiration for his skins from leather bags, shoes, reptiles and many interesting objects. He uses this surface skin and grafts it onto the 3 dimensional image he created often including artistic elements and patterning.

The result is quite realistic and beautiful.